Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#sol14 and #writedaily30 Come Together: A Reflection


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30 days ago, I took Linda Urban's encouragement and began to participate in #writedaily30.  Wow.  This was an amazing journey.  
For me, my guidelines were to just write.  Everyday.  Write something.  (More than a to-do list.)  I didn't give myself too many more guidelines than that.  I wanted to see what would happen.  

I bring you the good, the great, and the surprising from this journey!  

The Good:  I did write everyday this month.  Even when Christmas got closer, and more things clambered for my time, this resource really helped me a lot:

It really is a book that has 642 prompts for writing.  When I was stuck, didn't want to, felt too tired, when we were traveling and sleeping in other spots, etc. I picked this book up toward the end and just wrote.  

So I met my goal, write something everyday, even when I thought I was busy, even when we were traveling, even when I didn't want to.    

The Great:  I used our blog to share more of our classroom story.  I had been wanting to share some things for awhile now.  
Writing has become like running.  If I don't honor it everyday a little, my day doesn't feel complete.  In these winter days in the Midwest, it's helped me bookend my days.  One end gets writing, one end gets running!  It truly has become an outlet that is a part of my routine now.  

The Surprising:  There were some surprising topics that emerged.  Some days I would wake up and the words just came.  Lots of my writing turned out to be spiritual in nature.  I didn't set out for that at all.  I'll be exploring how to share these writings, maybe.  I think I have an idea for a picture book.  (What?!?!?)  It's funny how having these topics and ideas feel like carrying secrets.  What do I do with them next? Or do we just sit quietly together and enjoy the journey that was December to get these ideas out?  

Who am I to give advice as a writer?  I'll give some anyway.  :)  
Just write.  Try it.  Put the pencil to the paper.  Type a few lines.  Some of it will inspire you as you write it.  Sometimes you can't close the notebook fast enough.  I'm a writer because I write.  Try this journey and see what awakens inside you.  

A Huge Thank You to Linda Urban for the encouragement she gave everyone who participated in this journey.  Her blog posts, tweets, and ideas were inspiring.   



  1. Joyl,
    It is wonderful finding a place for your thoughts. It is an awakening that challenges, inspires, and moves us forward. Consider writing with the REFLECT WITH ME group as I invite writers to join me in a new venture for 2015. See the example at http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2014/12/finding-fall-gallery-is-here-with.html

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been writing every day too and it does become easier! Thank you for your words of advice!

  3. "Just write" is solid advice. You don't know where the writing will take you unless you write. Your reflection bubbles with joy. Happy writing in 2015!

  4. Congratulations! Doing something for 30 days is not easy. And what growth you must have seen. I love the thought of our writing as carrying secrets shared only with our notebooks...or computer. Have a Happy New Year and may it continue to be filled with writing.

  5. I am so impressed with writing for 30 days! Way to go!!! What an accomplishment! "Just write." Wise words!!

  6. Great advice! I took on Linda Urban's December challenge, too - just for myself. Writing is all about discipline, isn't it? But so worth it. Happy New Year!