Saturday, December 6, 2014


I'm linking with Ruth Ayres, and her weekly link up.  Read More about that here.  And then join in!

Much to celebrate here!  I hope the same is true for you.  

1.  We have more lost teeth!  I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, but Li'l T has lost his second tooth.  What I'm really celebrating is how he embraces the little things and makes them big.  Of course it was at bedtime, and we had to get him up to pull it and stop the bleeding.  And of course, he had to snuggle with us in bed for awhile and watch House Hunters.  :)  He gives us stories to tell.  I love that about him.  

2.  #WriteDaily30.  If you are on Twitter, Linda Urban has encouraged us to write!  Read more about that here in one of her posts.  Most of my writing this week has been in my notebook.  And I've emerged this week with an essay that came out of no where ( came from Somewhere...)   with a spiritual theme.  What?!?  This is going to be a great 30 days of exploration and writing.  

3.  Earlier this week, I read Otis by Loren Long to my students.  You know, Otis:
The kids were amazing.  There was gasping when the big yellow tractor shows up.  Several calls for Otis at the end when the calf is stuck.  And an audible cheer when Otis saves the day.  Oh my stars, this was one of those moments where I wanted to grab another book and watch it happen again.  But I didn't.  I celebrated their love for exploring stories instead. 

4.  Family Traditions.  
We are a little family of four in the middle of the Midwest.  We love celebrating Christmas with all of our family, and we are so blessed to have family all around us here in the middle.  As our little family grew, we worried about all the "stuff" at Christmas. And we are never home on Christmas Day, so our little family of four needed some time to share together. So My Mr. came up with this idea:  In Advent, we are purposeful about taking one night a week to stop and reflect on waiting for Christmas.  We may attend a church service, or our 10 year old might read devotions and scripture to us.  Then we each open one small gift that follows a simple theme.  Our theme this week?  Books.  :)

I celebrate my own Nerdy Book Club.  :)

I hope you have much to celebrate this week!



  1. Your Advent started for many of the same reasons our family's did. We were never around Christmas Eve or Day and we wanted something that was OUR celebration. I am sure it was more for the adults than the kids, but it worked. We never did big gifts, but I often had pencils, books, holiday themed cups or a "goodie." Now that the kids are no longer living at home, we still celebrate Advent with all the reflective energy that this busy season has. It's like a 4-week celebration of every night we are together!

  2. I enjoyed every part of your celebrations, Kendra, the tooth saga (such a part of early growing up), your writing (sounds good), the love of Otis (gasps and all), and finally your own special family time during advent. It does sound like a joyous week!

  3. I love your Advent idea. I am finding that as my kids get older, Christmas is changing. Not sure how to describe it, but it is certainly there. Have you thought about joining Holly Mueller for her Spiritual Journey Thursday link-up? Here is her blog. Loved reading your celebrations! Keep up the #writedaily30!

  4. Well done with all of this writing! Keep it up - it sounds so fulfilling.