Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#sol14 My One Little Word.


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I was stuck this morning on what to write about.  
I puttered in the kitchen, contemplating if I should write.  (Of course I should write...silly...)

Just like that, some ideas about my OLW developed.  
My word:  Strong.  
Here's how Strong showed itself to me in 2014:

  • it showed itself in the creativity that was used last January and February (and March?!?!) when it was so cold, we would go for days without playing outside.  
  • in the deep breathing that took place when students were asking for love in the hardest of ways.
  • in winter runs when it's me, a headlamp, and a face mask.
  • in a graduate class that was intrusive and unsettling.  
  • in a girl who learned to ask for help from the people she loved the most and learned that together is better.  
  • in a girl who learned to say no to the extra and yes to what really matters to her.  
Funny, because I thought that Strong would have resulted in:
  • industrious, organized days.  
  • a clean house.
  • dinner freshly made every night.
  • more exercise.  
  • a louder voice in the work I'm doing.  
This was a fun journey.  Next year, I'm contemplating crafts and reminders of what I'm experiencing.  I would love to document the journey even more.  (And some OLWs are starting to surface already!)

Did you have a OLW?  If you blogged about it, send me the link, and I'll check it out!  



  1. I love your view of strong and "what it was" and what you had "thought" it might be. Very reflective, Kendra!

    My OLW - https://franmcveigh.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/olw14-meets-sol14/

  2. Well, you discovered the real meaning of your OLW! Funny how we return to it and rediscover aspects of its meaning all year long.