Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Monday! What are You Reading?

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3 Books That Helped Us Understanding Writing Small Moments.   




These three books were so powerful in helping us as a classroom community see that the small moments come everyday.  I've always struggled a bit teaching this concept of writing small moments, however, these texts were crucial this year.  As we read around them, the students began to share stories of their secret hiding spots in the back yard, a found cookie jar that resulted in cookies, special family members, and their favorite ways to play in the snow.  I saw emerging writers understand that they have a story to tell, and they are sharing it.  

What am I hoping to read soon?  (As a first grade teacher, I'm just seeing the power in middle grade and YA reading, so I'm frantically catching up...forgive the familiar titles!)  I'm happy to be reading frantically to stay connected with my 10 year old, even if he doesn't want to read everything I pick up.  :)  





Joy!  (And Happy Reading!)


  1. A great list here! Hello Goodbye Window is one of my very favourites. "Hello World! What have you got for us today?!" I never tire of shouting out that line. You have some great MG reads on this list - Rump and Wonder are both titles I read to my children.

  2. How I love A Crooked Kind of Perfect! The Book Thief is on my YA Shelf of Shame--someday I'll finish it! (I've started it numerous times and abandoned--not sure why I just can't connect and plow through.)

  3. Love your ideas of those 'small moments', Kendra, & don't see why I couldn't use them as a jumping off point even with my middle schoolers. The Goodbye Window perhaps most of all. Love your ya/middle books-all wonderful.