Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#sol14 Reverse To Do Lists


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Yesterday=a full day.  I know it was.  Sometimes the days blur by so fast, I wonder if I've really Done anything.  

Somewhere along the way of connecting, talking, and reading I've picked up on the strategy of the "Reverse To Do List"  You know, at the end of the day, instead of focusing on what you didn't get to, list all you did accomplish.  Then celebrate that.  It's enough.  So I bring you a bit of mine from yesterday...

  1. #WriteDaily30 writing with coffee, a notebook, and my purple pen.
  2. Getting ready for school.  (Think lunches, hair, conversations about how to fix the glasses--again.)
  3. At school.  Setting up for the day.
  4. A Morning Meeting.
  5. 2 Guided Reading Groups-where I observed a transition from mimicking and repeating to strategy use and monitoring!  (My day could have ended there.  That would have been enough.)
  6. A great discussion on how to discuss sequencing without talking about Everything in our Shared Reading.
  7. More groups-reading about insects and standard measurement.  Great conversations here too!
  8. A Read Aloud from our library and some uproarious laughter.
  9. A bit of wiping down tables.  (5 kids were gone.  Germs Be Gone!)
  10. A mini lesson on Tiny Moments.  (Thank you Lucy Caulkins.)
  11. Watching, Observing a group of writers.  It just makes me smile.
  12. Lunch!  Which means a quick peek at colleague's math data and some discussion on communication.
  13. Math-A jump back into trying out some strategies and structures to promote choice.  
  14. Email.  All the email.  
  15. Recess duty.
  16. Science.  We screened various sizes of rocks to see how the materials work.
  17. Dismissal, an important phone conversation.
  18. More Email. Reviewing day with colleagues.
  19. Picked up kids!
  20. Set up 10 year old on code.org.  He's so excited.
  21. Ran for 30 minutes.  
  22. Dinner.  
  23. Cut sweet potatoes for tonight's risotto experiment.  :)
  24. A little more email.  
  25. Changed sheets on my bed.  
  26. Reading, snuggles, bed for all.
As I reflect on this, I didn't even put in all the things I wrote down yesterday. It reminded me that we do a lot everyday!  

Dear Educators,  (And Mamas and Papas and Friends)
You are enough.  You do enough.  



  1. WOW! You are amazing! Love the idea of the reverse to do list. We all need to reflect more! I keep a journal with things I did that day. It is fun to go back a year later and read what I did then! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Officially impressed by how much you get done in one day! Bravo!

  3. I have to admit, your title intrigued me. What a positive way to think about your day. It does seem like we focus on what we didn't accomplish rather than what we did. Love this idea.

  4. I think this came at the exact right time, Kendra. I need to do this once in a while, instead of thinking about my whole evening's tasks of things I still need to do. Wow you did so much, & oh, those e-mails! Thanks for the idea!

  5. I love the reverse to do list! And I just found a quote about how you are enough... I think I need to read it every day!