Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Slice of Life-The Best Mile (or so) Ever


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(My class is working on Small Moments right now!  Here's one from me!)

On Saturday morning, I'm lingering in the fog that is both physical and resting on my brain after another full week.  The beautiful weather in Iowa means lots of running miles on Saturdays outside, and this past Saturday was no different.  Linger (coffee and blogs), Run Long, Shop, House/Family/Stuff.  A typical Saturday in December.  

Then, I hear these words, "Are you running mama?  I'll come too."  

Confession:  My heart should have sang.  But it didn't.  There was a fleeting (lingering?) moment of annoyance.  

This is my time.  My run.  My Saturday.  Long Run Saturday.  

But he's 10.  And I know that time with him is fleeting as well.  So I eek out a "Sure Buddy!"  

Then my 6 year old chimes in, "Me too Mama!"  At which point, I have to clench my teeth, but know that I can't leave him behind.  I coax my husband off the couch, so we can divide and conquer.  We are just sure that Li'l T is going to run out of steam on us in about .5 miles.  

We get dressed and already I see that I need to un-clench my teeth.  As he's pounding his chest, all 33 pounds of him yells out, "I'll do 15 push ups before we go."  And proceeds to push up like only 6 year olds can do.  I smile as I lace up my shoes.  I hope he always has this zest for life. 

Like runners do, there is a barrage of what to wears.  Hat or no hat?  Coat?  Gloves?  How many layers?  Do I need this technical shirt?  

As we head out the door, the fogginess lifts away.  Brothers chatting in the front, Parents unplugged in the back about how to finish Christmas shopping.  Good conversation all around.  Easy pace.   But there is a pace.  With a 6 year old.   

As we wind through the neighborhood, I'm noticing how hard Li'l T is working to keep up.  Only like a bobble head doll can do, his little head is bobbing from side to side, indicating he's getting tired.  "I'm fine."  

Big Brother leans over, "Are you okay?  We'll get you some water when we get home."  
Man, I love his compassion for others.  He coached Li'l T all the way home.  
"Get over to the right, that lady is walking her dogs."  
"Try not to race me up this hill."  

After 1.46 miles (of course I had to map it afterward), we round the corner for home.  It was like crossing the finish line at the half marathon in town!  And there were more push ups to prove it!

Mama learned the best lesson of all:  Our time.  Our Run.  Our Saturday.  
And the fogginess is gone.  



  1. Yes! Embrace that time together .. you will remember that one family run in a way that you will never remember your weekly long runs by yourself. I like the kids enthusiasm for joining you!

  2. Oh I love this. Wanting the alone time but they want so to be a part of you. Annoying yes, for a minute. You were so wise to take them along. I'm impressed they made it 1.46 miles. (And, of course you mapped it out afterward.) Enjoy those boys!

  3. Love this slice! Sometimes, "my time" is really better when it's "or time". How fabulous that they wanted to be with you and share the experience, too.

  4. It's a memory to remember, & one you captured, too. I love that you did this with the kids. Some might not.

  5. Such a great ending! I appreciate that you wrote about your honest feelings in the beginning because we can all relate to them, but I loved when you realized it turned out even better than you thought. :-)