Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slice Of Life-Beekle and Thoughts from First Grader are Growing Up.

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In case you didn't hear yesterday--our Caldecott Winner this year!  

My class had chosen this book to be our Mock Caldecott:

Reading this book to them was amazing and provided more conversation than I had ever hoped for.  

However, to celebrate, I pulled out Beekle yesterday to read.  I had read it at the beginning of the year.  We looked that this book again yesterday as well.  Just this conversation alone has shown me how much they are growing up.  Thoughts from yesterdays read aloud:

1.  "Beekle really stands out in the pictures."  

2.  "This is a great book about finding friends."

3.  "He wrote this book for us about how to be a good friend.  Keep trying."  

4.  "Friendship is like an adventure."  

5.  "The theme of this book is great for kids."  

5 short statements I was able to capture in the reading that we did yesterday.  My take away from participating in the Mock Caldecott was the rich conversations that can happen around the books we are reading are a must.  I'm so proud of how these First Graders were able to think about the ideas from the Caldecott guidelines and apply them to our conversation.  



  1. I read Beekle to my 5th and 6th graders after yesterday's announcements. I felt badly that I hadn't shared it with them beforehand, but I fixed that. After I finished, I told them about my oldest daughter's invisible friend, and many hands went up wanting to tell their own stories. I'm hoping Beekle will inspire many of them to write a future Slice of Life about their own imaginary friends! I loved your students' comments. :-)

  2. You've given (are giving) them such a gift of the love of books, Kendra. Love that you followed up right away with this special conversation.

  3. I'm so glad I found your post today because I have not read Beekle. Now, I know I must find it thanks to the wonderful thinking of first graders!

  4. I still haven't read Emily's Blue Period despite the fact it's been recommended by you and several other people. MUST GET MY HANDS ON IT asap!