Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SOL: Wait.

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(A quick write from my notebook...)


We wait for Joy to win.  We're told suffering won't win.  Wait for Joy.

I wait.  My whole being waits.  I put my Hope in You.

My whole being is waiting.  Sometimes, when your Spirit is waiting for the Joy, it is a physical tug to be strong.  To have Hope.  To return to the Joy, even when it seems Hopeless.  

How do we wait?  Quiet moments in the morning.  Meditation.  Words on your Heart.  Lingering over Coffee.  A Run.    

When we wait; we find others waiting too.  There is Joy in Waiting together.  A chance to provide Encouragement.  A chance to share what's on your heart.  

I will continue to wait.  



  1. In these past weeks I wrote once about the good parts of patience, and I was thinking of that as I read what you've written about waiting. Hugs to you, Kendra.

  2. I read a more spiritual connection in this post, but I also find a connection with this community too, especial with these lines. "There is joy in waiting together. A chance to proved encouragement. A chance to share what is on your heart." Lovely piece.

  3. I had the same feeling as Leigh Anne. And I love this model of sharing what is in your notebook. I often wonder how that would look. Wishing Patience to you in your Waiting.

  4. Lovely - there is a joy in waiting.

  5. Interesting how many different connections your readers can make to your words here. Your piece made me think about the sitting and waiting I do with my son. I also love the idea of quickwrites from the notebook for slices.