Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slice of Life-Maybe It's a Poem About Winter?!?

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Joy in Winter.

Who can see the joy in winter?  

I looked.  

Encouragement allowed me to see:

Time to read.  There is joy in the story.

Time to write.  There is joy in the word.

Time to cook.  There is joy in the hospitality and nourishment.

Time to slow down.  Read.  Write.  Savor.  

There is joy in winter.  

Have a joyful Tuesday! 



  1. "Read.Write.Savor." I think that sounds delightful!! There is definitely joy to be found in winter. I'm wishing for more snow so I can slow down! SW Ohio hasn't gotten much. I'm missing it!

  2. I love your poem! Thanks for the reminder that there is joy in winter!