Saturday, February 28, 2015

Celebrate the Tiny Moments.

I'm linking with Ruth Ayres, and her weekly link up.  Read More about that here.  And then join in.

Some tiny moments from school last week that I celebrate:

1.  A moment where I walked into an inside recess.  (Have Mercy on the Middle of the Midwest!  Brrr...)  I looked around.  Everyone was engaged together and peaceful.  They were all playing/engaged in something appropriate.  It was that lovely buzzing sound that let me know everything was okay.  They are great kids.

2.  Some handwriting practice and a dance party.  As they are quietly engaged in some handwriting practice, music is on in the background.  I'm quietly observing work, and a student and I end up discussing quietly the "Sprinkler" dance move.  I look up.  They Are All Doing It.  Without making a sound.  :)  I celebrate these kids!

3.  Wednesday night church suppers.  It was snowing.  Lots of places around us were cancelling.  Just try to get between a Lutheran and their church supper.  :)  Great conversations with dear friends.  I'm glad we ventured out.  

4.  Wednesday also brought some time to reflect.  With a substitute in my classroom, I was able to spend time with some students, think and plan, catch up.  And all during working hours.  I'm thankful for a community that will provide that time for teachers.  

5.  This weekend, I start the Slice of Life Challenge, and I'm offering the Classroom Slice as a challenge to my first graders as well.  Stay tuned.  :)

tiny celebrations.  But we celebrated them all!  



  1. Those 'tiny' moments make our world go round--beautifully. I appreciate hearing all of yours, Kendra. See you in the Slice of Life Challenge!

  2. Dancing in a classroom is a sign of a heathy community. Starting from tomorrow, lets write and dance!

  3. So much to celebrate. I'm intrigued by a substitute to allow time to confer with students. What a blessing.

  4. Indoor recess was one of the worst parts about winter. There came a time where they needed to get outside even if it was for five minutes! Looking forward to sharing slices.