Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Link up with and to share with us what you've been reading.

After reading this book on Friday, I would really like to run out and buy a red cape!  And who wouldn't want a Nana like this?  Hooray for Nana in the City!

This book is wonderful for a discussion about sticking with your dreams.  I mean, the penguin wants to fly, and he figures out a way.  If he can accomplish his dreams, so can we!

This is such a beautiful book to linger in.  My insect experts will enjoy this accessible text as well as lingering over the artwork.

A lovely book on friendship and sisterhood.  Confirming if you are classified as a loud individual.  :)

A fun book to read aloud!  Bella's dog and the helpers disappear!  It takes the reader to engage with the book to get the dog back!

This past week I started and finished The Crossover:

Just hurry.  Hurry and read this book. It was not in my plan to read for 2015.  That's my favorite part of going to the library.

Also, I'm determined to finish FanGirl...yes, I have said this for like 3 weeks.  There are parts of the story I'm invested in and parts I'm not.  Stay tuned...

Happy Reading!

Joy!  --Kendra


  1. I read Nana in the City this week too! I loved it SO MUCH. Great use of color! and I would totally wear a red cap around the library, ha!

  2. I ended up skimming some parts of Fangirl. I did like other parts of the story quite well, but everything Simon Snow bored me to tears! I know just what you mean about the wonderful discoveries that happen at the library. I love the serendipity of finding a book that's just right for you at this particular moment. Nana in the City is terrific, isn't it?

  3. I know each one of these, Kendra, except still haven't read Maple. It's on my wish list, so maybe someday. I adored Flight School!

  4. I'm waiting for Crossover as patiently as I can. so many of these picture books looks wonderful!

  5. Hi there Kendra, I can sympathize with your struggles with Fangirl - the fanfiction sections grew to be too detailed for me, but was an overall enjoyable read. Loved Nana in the City - hope to read Crossover soon. It's one of our bookclub books. :)

  6. Every one of those books is on my must read list, they all sound wonderful!