Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrate! (It's Valentine's Day!)

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Oh Friends! It is good to celebrate in the middle of the muddle.  Mid-February here in the Midwest can be described as just that--a muddle.  But there is beauty in it!  Let's Celebrate:

1.  This book:


I read this book in about an hour on Thursday.  And I had the chance to recommend it to a family on Instagram!  It's so powerful.  And I celebrate the chance to read for pure enjoyment...on a school night!  

2.  This Minivan:

Notice I appear to be parked in the middle of no where?  That's because I did.  Nothing "Mini" about these vans...just sayin...

Last week my "normal" car was hit in a parking lot.  We celebrate lots here:  no one was hurt, the driver returned when I thought she had left, her insurance appears to be covering everything, and I have this huge minivan to drive now as a rental.  Li'l T is convinced that this is what we need as a family...Me...not so much.  :)  I celebrate the positives that came with this situation.   

3.  These Students:

On Friday, of course it was party day!  They make celebrating so much fun!  They walked in and one announced, "We'll put First things First Mrs. Limback!  We'll do our work first and then we will play."  It just set a tone and purpose for our day!  They've grown up so much, and it's so fun to be their teacher.  (And the party was fun too!)

4. A Book Study:

I've had a chance to be reading this book with some amazing educators.  I celebrate the encouragement that comes with reading a book on Mindsets.  And I celebrate the wisdom that is in the people around me.  I really recommend this study.  

I cannot wait to celebrate with you too!  Joy!


  1. Laughing at "first things first" So adorable. Lovely celebrations!

  2. We had so much to 'put back' after Expo, but the kids worked hard for about an hour & done, then they 'played' too. Valentine's Day parties are fun. So glad your 'accident' is turning out good, no injuries & the insurance covering is very good news. Have a good weekend, Kendra!

  3. I love the book, miss my mini-van and the parties with students (6th graders don't do parties!) and envy your book study. Great celebrations!

  4. Glad you are ok-accidents with no one hurt and insurance covering is good news. Love celebrating with kiddos! I want to check out your book study...looks good!

  5. The Mindset book is awesome, isn't it? I can feel your joy throughout your post, Kendra. So many celebrations for you this week. Have a great week!


  6. Great celebrations! Personally I believe parking spaces are getting smaller