Sunday, March 1, 2015

SOL 15 Day One! Create.

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How do I create?  Change?  Find Comfort?
Reading and writing that comes early in the morning.
When it's quiet.
It's only me.

When I don't think the creation is coming? 
The creativity is coming, but not fast enough?

Change scenery.
Run.  Long.  Slow.
Close my eyes.  Nap.  Rest.

Routine.  Making dinner.  Cooking food.
creating comfort.
creating time.
time to think.  time with family.

Creating allows me to feel connected, to feel comfort, to celebrate.  

As I've been reflecting on creating, I've been listening to this song a lot.  Real and Beautiful.  That's what creating can bring.  

I'm so excited to be creating through writing this month!  


  1. What a creative way to arrange your poem. And you're right. The muse isn't always at our disposal, but we can entice her.

  2. I absolutely love that song. First time I've heard it so thank you for posting the link. I really enjoyed the style in which you wrote this. Wishing you rest, reflection and time to CREATE!

  3. I love the format of this post but most of all, you have captured many different ways to find slices. Sometimes even in the quiet and stillness of a busy day, we find a slice just waiting to be written.

  4. March is all about creating - and learning from what others create. Welcome!

  5. Lovely that you have a song to wake up the muse, Kendra. Love the way you arranged these words, slowly contemplating the ideas, the writing!

  6. A nice reflection about creating and the need we all have to create and connect. I enjoyed the layout you used for placing your words.

  7. Such a clever poem! Everything from the format to the message. I'm glad I stopped by for a visit!

  8. Sometimes the stepping away brings the creativity back. So true!


  9. I'm glad you are going to be writing all month long. I hope it brings much joy!