Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SOL 31 31 Things.

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My favorite way to write is a quick write, usually to clear out my brain.  
So here are 31 things on my mind today.

1.  It's early, there doesn't seem to be much on my mind.  :)
2.  I've loved this writing challenge.  It has stretched me as writer.
3.  I'm seriously considering another 30 day writing challenge.
4.  I think granola with almond milk is my favorite breakfast.  It keeps me full.
5.  Our "oldest" starts a new job today.  He needs to get up.
6.  I've been touring schools this week for various reasons.  I loved learning about The Leader in Me last week.  It always invigorates me and makes me nervous!  I'm going to one today.
7.  I'm thinking about creativity in the classroom a lot.
8.  Where should we eat dinner tonight?
9.  I need to get my own SOL celebration plans completed for my class.
10.  Could I really write a book?  2 friends and I have been kicking a couple ideas around.
11.  What is my oldest going to be when he grows up?
12.  Should I am for training for the 1/2 marathon in the fall?  What about running for time?
13.  Can I organize a 5K?  How hard is that really?
14.  Eye doctors give me the heebies.  And I need to call for my 10 year old and promised I would go with him.  (Think Rachel from Friends and the Eyedrop episode...)
15.  I've been running more this month.
16.  Hormones and Food Allergies are weird.
17.  Grown ups should dream more.  I did some with a friend last night and it was awesome.
18.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
19.  Holy Week is one of my favorite times of year.  Reflective.
20.  When my kids wake up they always come over to hug and snuggle a bit.  I always tell them I Love them.
21.  I know it's on an awful channel,  but I watch Teen Titans Go with my oldest. And I think it's kind of funny.  Please don't judge.
22.  I really need to clean out the back of my car.
23.  I mentioned dinner, I get to eat it with my husband tonight.  :)  Yay.
24.  My youngest REALLY wants a fish.
25.  Having an extra person in my house has kept my house cleaner than normal.
26.  I learned how to boil eggs on Sunday.  So easy.  Whoops.
27.  I'm kind of excited for this summer.  Graduate school shouldn't be as intense as I thought it would be.
28.  I teach with some really great people.
29.  How do we celebrate great teachers?
30.  What are you eating for lunch today?
31.  Connecting with new bloggers this month was one of my favorite things to do!



  1. What a great list Kendra!!!! Keep it going. See you next Tuesday.

  2. I love your list!! Congratulations on finishing!!

  3. Lists are great .. I love the randomness of some of your thoughts. I can feel your mind racing!

  4. My mind goes like this, too. Love all these ideas/topics/questions floating through, Kendra. Have a great day, & see you on Tuesdays!

  5. This is such a great idea for the last day of the challenge. #10 resonated with me. I hope that you take this step! I look forward to following your blog on Tuesdays!

  6. Love the mix of so many parts of your life, Kendra. I hope to see you on Tuesdays!

  7. Loved this list!! Such fun!!! I think #17 is my favorite. I completely agree!!!

  8. Back atcha with #31. It has been fun getting to "know" you and reading your stories. Are you considering the the poetry challenge??