Friday, March 27, 2015

SOL 27: Food Allergies are Weird.

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Yesterday, my phone rang.  It wasn't supposed to.  Mr. was supposed to get this call.  

On Tuesday, when we saw the allergist, I left feeling bewildered.  I always do.  I mean, how hard can it be to feed your family?  

Dr. tells us last year didn't go very well.  Which is funny.  It was the first year I felt like I had a grasp on what was happening.  

He compliments Li'l T on his manners and his contentment with pencils.  (He's my kid-a freshly sharpened pencil will do every time.)

We head downstairs, they draw his blood.  He's so brave.  He watches the entire thing and asks questions the whole time.  

After some cookies and Pepsi, we head to school.  

When the phone rings yesterday, we receive great news!  All of the foods have gone down.  (This is good.)  Wheat--it's completely gone!  Peanut--wait one more year--it might be gone too!  I can sprinkle straight egg yolk bits on some of his food to make that go down further.   After multiple years of this-I feel confident about this.  

I just have to learn how to hard boil eggs.  

What threw us for a loop?  There is a beef allergy now to manage.  I'm fascinated by this one.  
I'll be researching it today a bit.  (I'm the daughter/niece of some organic cattleman.  This one really has me scratching my head!)

What I know for sure is, we are blessed.  We can buy the food he needs, and the food he doesn't.  It's going to be fine, I know this after being on this road for awhile now.  

But Beef.  Huh-who knew?  

If you are on this road too-I wish you the best!  
It's okay to say it:  Food allergies are weird.  



  1. Yes, they are. Beef, maybe because of what they've been fed?
    I have developed some food allergies later in life now. As a child there were hardly any food allergies. No one was allergic to wheat or peanut butter or dairy. Somethings gone awry in our foods to increase our sensitivities it would seem. Hope they are doing some studies on what's going on and not just treating the allergies.

  2. We were just discussing this at school the other day. One colleague has found she's allergic to pomegranates! She has dust/pollen allergies but no other food ones. Who knows how it happens!

  3. I have not traveled this road, but I enjoy learning from those who have. thanks for sharing!

  4. I developed an allergy to all mammalian meat after getting a tick bite. It is the Lone Star tick. The problem begins 4-6 hours after I eat beef or pork. Hives start inside then outside my body, changing to blisters. I take Benedryl which makes me sleep so I go to bed watching for any difficulty breathing. I have an Epi pen if necessary. I avoid all mammalian meat and in ok.

  5. Food allergies are's true! We discovered the hard way that my daughter was allergic to bananas and peanuts. When we had her officially checked we also found out she was allergic to tree nuts and eggs as well. No one in our families have allergies to foods. We had no idea where it came from, it was just there! Fast forward a couple years and she outgrew the egg allergy. Fast forward a couple more years and my husband finds out that he is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Who knew? He's eaten these things all his life and then one day reacts to a macadamia nut cookie. Food allergies are weird for sure. Best of luck to you on the beef allergy...and all the rest as well.

  6. Lucky for me, I have had not had to deal with food allergies with my family, although I have had students who have. But I have never heard of anyone having a beef allergy....yes, weird.