Monday, March 30, 2015

SOL 30: My New Favorite Mentor Text.

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You Guys.  I went to the library this weekend.  (Hooray!)
Now, a literary critic I am not.  So thanks for entertaining this blog about my love for this book.

I.Love.This.Book.  ( I just squealed a bit when I typed that.)


First of all, she does what I do!  When I buy my planner for the year, I always make sure there is room to write down what we are going to eat.  It brings a sense of organization to who we are as a family.  And I love watching how it changes throughout the year.  After reading this book, I'm a little sad that I haven't kept my planners from previous years.  *sigh*

Secondly, she has told her family's story through dinner.  From being newlyweds, to having babies, to being a family in motion, she writes so eloquently about how dinner has evolved in their family.  

Finally, in this book she shares some great, do-able recipes in this book.  They are scattered throughout the stories.  

You Guys.  We all have a story like this to tell.  It might not be dinner.  It might be another meal.  (Breakfast, lunch, snack time, you. know...)  

It might not even be a meal.  It might be the story of your library.  The story of your house.  The story of your faith.  The story of your teaching or your classroom.  Pets, Friends, Family...the list could go on.  

As we start to close on our SOL Challenge, I'm thinking about our stories.  What is yours?  Keep telling it.  I've loved hearing your stories!



  1. I love reading food stories, so will see if my library has this too, Kendra. I've also had my student write their food stories-they always have one! Thanks for this, & I agree, there's always a story thread that touches one personally. I hope you can recoup some of yours from this year's planner at least.

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Reading your post inspired me to write about how our back porch evolved into a room. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely check this book out.

  3. This looks like a delicious read :) . I love food stories, too - so warm and funny and comforting (usually!). it's been wonderful reading your stories, Kendra - I'll be looking for you on Tuesdays!

  4. What a great idea for a book! Thanks for inspiring my slice tonight.

  5. This looks awesome! I'm going to have to get this!

  6. I have to check out this book! Thank you for the book recommendation and for providing me with several ideas for slices!