Sunday, March 22, 2015

SOL 22: Thoughts on Hospitality. A Quick Write.

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Here's what I believe:  When we all get to Heaven; the Bible indicates that we are going to feast.  Surrounded by family and friends. 
Please hand me another piece of pizza.  I can only imagine that my jeans will fit all the time.  (Hallelujah!)
Then I'll have a coke too.  Just imagine that joy for a moment. 
Like the best night out that you've had with friends, didn't regret the next day, and it never ends!

What if?
What if I could use my home as a reminder of what is to come.  
Specifically my kitchen table. 
We are Loved so much.
What if I used that kitchen table to remind people how much they are loved?




  1. A heavenly thought indeed, Kendra! Especially the jeans always fitting part ;-)

  2. I like your image of heaven! So much happens around a kitchen table- it is a fitting metaphor.

  3. This makes me smile. Each and every word of this is filled with joy and hope and love!! Thank you!

  4. Such a happy moment to think of everyone in heaven sitting at the kitchen table for a chat. Thanks for the image, Kendra.

  5. A lovely image around the table. Pass the Thin Mints, please. Your posts bring joy each time I read them!

  6. I love the idea of making the moments count now and actively working to bring joy into your life and others' rather than waiting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Our moments and the love we show people is now. I believe that our heaven can be on earth. I loved the images you invoked.