Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOL 26: How this Slicing Challenge is Feeling Like the first time I ran a 20K...

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We had no idea what we were doing really.  Once upon a time,  My BRF and I had been running a bit.  

"Let's run Dam to Dam!  The full race."
"Totally!  We can run 9 miles.  We are ready!"  
I'll just keep writing!  
I've written before for stretches of time!  
What's 31 more days?  
I'll include the kids too!
So we hop on the bus at 4:45 AM.  It drives us out to the starting line.  
At which point it starts to down pour and thunderstorm like it only can do in the Middle of the Midwest.  
I learn if I want to write, I have to wake up early.  
Luckily, the rain isn't as pesky in writing.  

Then comes this announcement:  "Please do not touch the guardrails on the dam.  We do not want you to get electrocuted."  


The race starts.  We are already soaking wet.  Here's what I know:
When we got to Oak Park, I sat down and cried for minute while I stretched.   I didn't want to run the last 4-ish miles.  Things were locking up on me that I didn't even know existed!  

My brain is so tired.  
When I think of writing another blog post; I don't want to.  
Just let me rest a bit!

My BRF (Best Running Friend) encourages me like no one can.  We cross the finish line holding hands and I die a bit.  I also learn about chafing when I get home and jump in the shower.  It involved a lot of screaming and I still have some scars to prove it.  I was so not prepared for this race.  

This has to be what my reluctant writers need.
The biggest cheerleader they've ever had!
Some of them aren't prepared for the writing.

But it was an amazing experience.  I did that.  I wanted to do that again.  So I did.  I kept doing it.  Even when it was bad.  Even when it was good.  Because we know it's more than about the 20K,  it was about a lifestyle, a release, a change for the better.

I keep writing.
Even when it's bad.
Even when it's good.
Because it's about more than the writing.
It's a story.
A change for the better. 


  1. And hurrah, you did finish that race, and only five more days of writing, too! I've loved all your posts, Kendra, and I didn't think any were bad (but I know what you mean!). This is a gem!

  2. Such a great structure for this slice. What an accomplishment to finish that race! I'm not sure you made me want to try running (wink), but you sure made me want to keep writing! :-)

  3. Five more days! Sometimes it does feel like five more miles, but I love how creative you are in the post, and motivational too!

  4. What a fun post! Well, the chafing memory stings. Thank goodness writing doesn't require copious amounts of slathered vaseline. Or strategically positioned band-aids.
    Want to double down on the SOL and wrtite until Mother's Day? (just kidding!)

  5. and I hope this reply doesn't send a noisy notification that makes yu wake up with that phone on the nightstand at some egregious hour in the morning!

    shhh... sleep tight.