Saturday, March 21, 2015

SOL 21: A Sabbatical--Kind Of.

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I'm celebrating my last 24 hours in a way.  

After hitting a breaking point of tiredness, I ended up here:

This is the view from the backyard at my Mom and Dad's house.  

It was just me.  No husband.  No kids.  No Wireless access.  

(Shhh.  A moment for that.  It's okay to smile.)

My Dad called it a sabbatical.  This morning we spent the day shopping, "in town", where he told everyone who I was and that I was on "sabbatical."  

Now, I didn't leave my grown up responsibilities for 2 months to a year.  But for the last 24 hours:

My dad cooked 3 meals for me.
My mom and I shared a drink.  (or two)
The three of us watched basketball.
I slept in the middle of a bed.
We shared coffee and more food.
My dad and I shopped.
We napped after lunch.  

Then we watched a field get set on fire.  Man I love farm life.  

My Dad.  Checking out the burn.  (The vehicle has firefighters in it.)  Man I love this guy.  

Fire coming closer to the truck.  The burn was fascinating to watch.   

One of the firefighters.  See that torch he's holding?!?!?  I watched him hold that thing up to his face while he lit a cigarette.  What?!?!?!?  I couldn't stop giggling at that one.      

A cemetery on the property.  I had never seen it before.  None of the people buried here are relatives.  The road used to be a stagecoach line.  

This is also on the property.  It used to be a stagecoach line that heads to the east and down the hill towards the little church.  

I celebrate the 24 hours of quiet.  Man, did my soul need that.  I celebrate learning more about my home and my family.



  1. How nice that you had a chance to spend time with your parents. I love that your dad called it a "sabbatical." The comforts of home still call to us no matter how long it's been since we lived there.

  2. What a wonderful getaway!! Sometimes time spent with just your parents is a wonderful reminder of who you are and where you came from. Lovely!

  3. There is something so amazingly peaceful about country life. I'm so glad you did that, and I'm a little teensie bit jealous :-)

  4. I hope your time has left you refreshed and renewed. The "lighter' was crazy!!

  5. This sounds really peaceful and rejuvenating! We all need that once in a while. I'm glad you got to relax. :-)

  6. This sounds really peaceful and rejuvenating! We all need that once in a while. I'm glad you got to relax. :-)

  7. Oh, how wonderful, Kendra. I miss those days of going home to visit my parents & be taken care of, even for 24 hours. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

  8. Kendra, I love that you had me time for 24 hours. It is good to take a break from the routine, It gives you a different perspective. Your parents' property is full of history, so spacious, and with great views.

  9. How wonderful that you had this time to yourself! I loved all the photos and also loved hearing about your dad telling everyone that you were on sabbatical. We all deserve an occasional sabbatical!

  10. I love burning time here on the ranch as well. Although my kids and hubby live on the ranch with me, I too take some quiet time away in a pasture by myself to just decompress.