Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SOL15: Day 10 Where I Read and Write.

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I loved seeing where you all write!  It's conference season, so I just couldn't get together enough.  But as I was sitting here this morning, I was thinking of this post I wrote about my kitchen last August.  

Reading and Writing are such a huge part of who we are as a family.  We have arranged our house around it really.  Having spaces for this has brought us together as a family.  So a little tour of where we read and write:

This is The Couch.  A couple of us are usually on here together reading or watching basketball or a hybrid of both.  Yes there are two end tables.  One is for my tea.  The other is for my books.  :)  (An efficient decorator I am not.)  

More baskets=More books.  Anywhere we "nest" in this house, you'll find a book stack or two.  

Time to write!  This table hasn't been used for formal dining since we moved in the house almost 11 years ago.  It's been used for writing, homework, projects, etc.  When I sit here, I can see people on The Couch reading and watching basketball.  From time to time I wish for a real office, but I'm happy that My People can easily move in next to me and work on what they are interested in too.  

The "Library".  A living space that I've announced can Only be used for Reading and Writing.  (No wrestling, headstands, or fake basketball moves in here please!)  I never thought I'd announce such a thing in my home.  Then I began to understand that Kids (at least mine) would turn every room into a gym if I let them.   We save that for the room with the blue couch.  (And the kitchen, and the bedrooms, and the hallways occasionally too.) 
More end tables for tea.  And a real shot of what one couch usually looks like.  (It leads to an entry/exit not close to a closet.)  Just keeping it read Slicers.  We are a drop- your- coat- and- welcome- home kind of family.  

One more shot.  It's not clutter.  It's mainly books and notebooks.  :)  

Thanks for sharing your shots of where you read and write.  Reading and Writing keep our family connected in the pace that is Life.  It connects me to my 10 year old as I try to navigate "tweens".  It connects me to my 6 year old after he's thrown yet another fit.  It connects me to my Husband.  As an avid reader, we are always peeking at what the other one is reading.  



  1. I like how you brought all the spaces together as to how they connect your family. Thanks for the peek! This would be a fun piece to try!

  2. Loved this! It's more appealing to me than anything on HGTV. I'm so inspired by this peak into your family's writing/reading life.

  3. Many reading and writing places, plus the whole family involved sounds incredible. We have several couches (one even in the kitchen) but we are family of readers. I am the only one who writes (in the kitchen mostly.) Thank you for inviting to visit your home.

  4. Wow, impressive you designed your space around places to write. A family that writes together, learns from each other :)

  5. Looks homey and inviting. My kind of space. My hubby and I are snuggled in the corner of the family room with a wood burning stove between us. Mini black poodle snuggled on my lap then on Al's. Back and forth to share his warmth. Good dog! Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I'm sorry you are having hip pain. Hope and pray that you are better soon. D :)