Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SOL 25: My Grandmas.

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On Two Writing Teachers this morning there is great inspiration.  I tried a the See-Saw format to describe my Grandmothers.  You see, shortly after I got married, my mom and dad took in Grandma F.  Then, after she went to heaven, within months they took in my Grandma S.  We all got to know them in ways we wouldn't have otherwise.  I'm so thankful for that time.  

And a moment for my parents.  Almost 14 years exactly they cared for Grandmothers when they could have said, "No."  But they didn't.  They are awesome.  

The Two Grandmas

There were always snacks.
Glass Coke bottles and Molasses cookies.
Drumsticks from the Schwan's Man from the deep freezer in the kitchen.

They filled the days.

Strolling to the library downtown.
Making crafts and sewing on the farm.

They had vices.  

Diet Coke.


Maybe a few pieces as keepsakes.
Always.  Avon was her favorite!

Around the Kitchen Table.
Cards with me.
Ice cream with me.  

Never at her home.  Bonding with Snoopy the Wonder Poodle when she moved in with Mom and Dad.

Farm dogs (and a couple cats) always were on the porch.  

Politics/TV/State of the World

She would have told you what she thought.  You might have bristled at the "vocabulary usage".  But you knew where she stood.
She would have smiled, maybe stated a thought or two.  Returned to tatting or reading or bird watching.  But underneath that she was having many more thoughts than we knew.

Enough for everyone.  



  1. I like this format.Lucky you, with two such grandmothers. Enough love, indeed.

  2. Lovely, Kendra, and I like that last part best of all, "love/enough for everyone". I loved my grandmothers, too. It was always fun to be with them.

  3. Wonderful tribute to two women who helped shape you. Did you inherit the sassy from one of them? ;) I see where the coke runs in your family. Thanks for sharing this insight. You have amazing parents to take them in. What a treasured opportunity.