Friday, March 13, 2015

SOL Day 13: My Cleaning Goals in Free Verse.

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You guys.  It's here.  I made it to spring break.  Now, I have awesome students, it's not about that at all.  I just need to break out of the February Funk.  And I did it!  

So today, I'm sipping tea, I'm planning out spring break, and the cleaning that comes with it.  (Some fun too of course.)  But we need a deep cleaning up in here.  

The list for cleaning is long.  So I turned some of it into a free verse to have some fun.  

I adore how you nurture us.
You smell funny and your cabinets are looking shabby.
I will remove that "food" in the back of the fridge.
Piano Room.
You are a haven of peace.  
There are dust bunnies bigger than my 6 year old.
It is time to clear your shelves and give you an overhaul.

You are necessary.  
I Despise cleaning you.  
It might be time to teach someone else this job.

In the winter, you surprised us with your new arrangement.

You need sweeping.  Purging.  Some kind of cleaning.

Just watch out.  I'm coming after you.  Your cluttered days are numbered.  

A Haven of rest.  

A flipped mattress, a vacuum under the bed, as good as new. 

Are you on break?  What are your plans?



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  1. This was a delightful read! I hope my home can write a similar post, and somehow clean itself! There arer no dust bunnies as large as my children, but I think there may be something growing in the back of the fridge...