Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SOL15 Day 4. How's it going so far?

Two Writing Teachers host Slice of Life on their blog.  Join us and link up too!

Last year, I sliced with a few friends on this blog in March.  Not everyday, but enough to make an impact in my writing.

I watched and lurked as people shared their experiences with classroom slicing.  
This fall, we started a class blog.  To protect the privacy of some of my students, it stays closed.  
But the benefits of writing and connecting are with us.  

This year, while moving through our requirements in writing, the focus has been on really telling our stories.  

So Naturally, now that March is here, we are slicing!  

The Guidelines:
*It's optional in 1C.  31 days is a lot.  It's an extra piece of writing everyday.
*We did prizes this year.  Prizes for friends who slice 5 extra times.  A special lunch for friends who write all 31 days.
*We are utilizing our blog and kids are allowed to write in notebooks and in writing folders too.
*On Tuesdays, we are meeting for lunch to touch base and slice together.  Our first lunch on Tuesday was great!  We happened to have 2 parents join us as well and they were able to see first hand how exciting this was.

This is a picture of a calendar we are using with topics if needed for each day.  The kids are enjoying marking off each day.  The topics aren't required, they are allowed to choose their own if they wish.  

Here's a calendar I'm using for myself.  
If I'm stuck on a topic I use this to help me too.  It's been a great conversation to have with the kids.  

 What tools and tricks are you using to make your slices successful?  How is it going?  




  1. That sounds like a fun classroom idea! As a writing teacher before my kids came, I would have loved to have been able to have this technology available! I like how you also promote writing with different tools - what a great way to encourage writing. Thanks for a great slice! You must be an awesome teacher!

  2. What a great classroom activity. You're inspiring to me! I bet the kids are having a great time with this. I know my students don't write nearly enough. these are such good ideas. Thanks for sharing

  3. One of these days I will try the classroom challenge, but this is my fist year in 6th so I thought that was enough to tackle! I love some of your topics. I may need this before the month is over!

  4. It's so important to give kids something to lean on during the Classroom Challenge. Would you mind if I shared your post as an inspiration when I host the Challenge in a week?

  5. You are amazing! I love this calendar. Beautiful ideas to keep your students writing. Bravo!!