Thursday, March 19, 2015

SOL 19: Dear Younger Me.

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This song, "Dear Younger Me" is on heavy rotation on one of my playlists.  
You might find me dancing to it and singing along in the kitchen.  Or in the car.  Or while I'm writing.  

Yesterday it hit me!  There were some things I did great when I was younger.  And some advice I need to give myself when I was in my 20s.  So here we go:

Dear Younger Me,

You are smart, strong and capable.  You are so in love with the Mr.  (As you should be-he's awesome and will only continue to surprise you with his awesomeness.)

You are blessed beyond measure.  Both of you are employed within a year of marriage and right out of college!?!?  Unheard of.  You didn't need to look for that job at the local grocery store.  But a back-up plan was so wise! That apartment.  It was small.  I know the termites blowing out of the AC unit were beyond nasty.  But you were able to afford it.  It provided you with shelter and allowed you to buy food.  And those "dinner parties" you held with your friends in that kitchen?  Unforgettable.

Getting up to face the day helped you get things done!  You've never been much of a sleeper-in-er.  You knew that sleeping beyond 10:00 just messed up your day, and that should be saved for special occasions.  You won't really appreciate the late sleeping until you have kids anyway.  Just wait until the angels sing because you slept until 7 AM.

Speaking of kids--that Mama trying to connect with your Young Self at church?  She Does Not want to hear what you think about her kids' struggles.  Do Not Tell Her Anything You are Thinking About At This Moment in Time.  You are a hard working teacher who is honing a craft.  Of course you are great with kids.  The Mama Gig is totally different.  (I know that ticks you off Younger Me, but it's true.)  Just engage in the conversation.  Figure out when to listen and when to speak up.  (This just comes in time, you'll blow it a lot in the next few years.)

The Grown up World is Highly Differentiated.  You are just entering it.  There are people out there who know more than you do.  Even if you don't act on it, listen to all the advice.  Say Thank You.  Each person is sharing their experiences with you.  They want you to be as successful as you can be.  If you get some less-than-awesome advice, say Thank You; then share it with your husband over a beer.  Then move on.

This life is crazy amazing!  I can't even tell you how awesome it is to buy your first house, realize you are pregnant, buy a second house (where your life-long friends are amazed at the windows in the bathroom and spend the first day yelling at you from them), bring home babies to this house...the list could go on.

Before you know it, you'll realize how complete this life really is.  Embrace it.  Be Yourself.  It's Enough.

An Older Version of Me.


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  1. I so enjoyed your post! maybe I'll even write a letter to my younger self now! I particularly loved your advice about listening to those who are sharing their experiences with you---and taking what applies and ditching what doesn't.