Monday, March 23, 2015

SOL 23: The Library over Spring Break.

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Spring break is over.  

We could write about this.  But it's time.  That's all there really is to say.  It's time to go back to work.   It is time to see my students.  

One of my favorite images from spring break?  When my two sons were sprawled out on beanbag chairs at our public library reading books quietly; telling me they wanted to stay and read.  I had the opportunity to browse "alone" for a bit.  

Here's what I found:


Published this year, this book has all the traditional Steve Jenkins and Robin Page "setups."  The facts, the illustrations, the captions.  A very interesting read.  


Who should keep the crown?  Who is the mightiest?  What about the old woman?  


First of all, I have a soft spot for animals that are in stories.  A great story to read when you want to talk about collaboration, teamwork, coming together to solve a problem.  


A fun read aloud, the illustrations are striking!  

I'm excited to see what reading and writing my students have done!  



  1. All new to me except the last one, plus hurrah, a new Steve Jenkins, & how does he do it! I loved The Midnight Library, lovely book. Thanks, Kendra!

  2. The Mightiest is one we read this week too. Definitely one of my son's favorites of the week. I really want to get Egg. How I love Steve Jenkins's books!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to these lovely picture books. The Mightiest looks so charming. The MIdnight Library is part of our collection. If it is a book about a library, I tend to purchase it. I look forward to reading egg.

  4. Lovely to see lots of picturebooks here. Hope you had a restful Spring Break. I could imagine your kids sprawled out neatly on bean bags reading at the library. :)