Monday, March 9, 2015

SOL15 Day 9: What Are You Reading? (With other thoughts on books...)

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It's Book Fair Season!  And I had a chance to go to the Library on Saturday.  By myself.  Without Children.  (I Love my Children.)  But I was in the Library.  By Myself.  :)  Okay then...

Books From the Book Fair:



And I also picked up Ivan, Flora and Ulysses, A Spirit Animals for my 10 year old.  Also, I picked up this cookbook:


The mom that I purchased it from at the book fair cheered when I brought it up.  She swears by it, and so far, I'm enjoying it too.  (I have a weird thing for cookbooks.  That could be it's own slice.)

Wandering through the library felt like such an escape on Saturday.  I love looking at the new books of course.  

Hurry and read this important book.  I am thinking this will become a part of my collection.


I picked up this book for a student in my class.  He was asking for a book on Jewish Holidays.  (Yes, I think about All The Kids when I'm at the library.  I can't help it.)  I hope he's excited as I was when I found it!  


Bernard can't get comfortable to sleep.  This book will make a charming read aloud.  


A beautiful book.  We have a Talking Canvas program in our classrooms.  The kiddos love it.  I'm excited to share this book with them.  

I finished Little Bee.  Just hurry and read this book so we can talk about it.  

I'm going to start reading:

My sister recommended this title.  And loaned me her copy.  




  1. Turning 15 On The Road to Freedom looks good, a new one to me. Thanks Kendra, glad you had that nice time at the library!

  2. Stick and Stone looks like a book I might need. Love books of facts that are surprising.

  3. I read Little Bee last summer and was floored by it. I also read Kitchen House and enjoyed it. Time spent at the library and bookstores is always a treat!

  4. Book fair and time alone at the the library? What a great week! It looks like you found some good books, too.

  5. I have a thing for cookbooks too! One perennial favorite recipe in our house is Mom 100's banana chocolate chip muffins. I spent some time alone in the library on Saturday and had a delightful time browsing sections I don't usually visit (cookbooks, gardening, memoirs). Enjoy your reading this week!

  6. Just ordered Turning 15 - it is an important book.

  7. Just ordered Turning 15 - it is an important book.

  8. Great list! I plan on checking some of those out. I just finished Wonder and I recently found a great picture book, Little Red Writing. Thanks for sharing your list!