Saturday, April 2, 2016

Celebrate: My family of readers.

Friends, You can celebrate too!  Link up at  I thank Ruth for sharing her space with us. 

What I love about writing daily is it encourages that cycle.  Read More.  Write More.  See the stories everywhere.

This week, I'm reading:

Of all the things that appear to be going on in this book, I was fascinated by this quote:  "He huffed and puffed and snorted and left and I unpacked my books."  (page 25).

The Fiancee had packed up Her books and unpacked His sports trophies.

This was foreign to me.  You see, I celebrate today that I'm married to a reader, and we appear to be growing readers.  

When we bought our first house?  It was a mid-modern ranch with built in bookshelves.  Right there in the living room.  
Our second house?
Well, we had to immediately purchase and build more bookshelves.

Mr. goes to the library on his lunch break.  He asks for and receives books at gifts.  When we travel?  We always carry books with us.  (Last week, when we traveled at Easter; he sneaked books into my book bag.  I let him.)   
Date Night? 
Dinner and a bookstore.
My reprieve from teaching and parenting our kids?
He walks them through the library, so I can do that alone.

Some of our best conversation?
About what we are reading.

Our two sons?  We adore them.  

Last week, the oldest finally read:


I've been waiting two years for him to read this book!  It took friends and an awesome teaching staff that promotes reading for him to pick it up.  It was worth the wait.

The youngest?  Like He does, he went his own way.  I worried about him.  He was learning to read, but he didn't really Love reading.  Fast forward one year?  He'll read just about anything!  He's currently reading books like this:


"Mrs. LimbackMom!" "I'm really reading this book, not just looking at the pictures."

Yes you are my youngest.  Yes you are.  

It took that one quote from my current read to inspire this celebration.  

We don't have a lot of things down.
We are messy.
We are a "spicy people." (Thank you, Jen Hatmaker for that one.)
I still need to go to the grocery store.
We probably also watch too much t.v. and use tablets too much.
But we love.  And we are readers.



  1. Celebrations of readers and books is the best! What a rich life your family will have because of the connections in and through the pages read.

  2. My husband and I frequented bookstores on our night out too Kendra. A favorite memory is long ago when he, my daughter and I all were madly reading through the same series and discussing it. Love this celebration of you being readers, and now your sons too. Hurrah!

  3. Love that your family reads! My husband reads mostly info text so I don't share the reading joy that you have, but like my post today, I'm feeling like my grass is very green and I have much to cherish with my family as well. Thanks for celebrating yours!

  4. Love this celebration of reading that grows in your home. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a home with some built in bookshelves. You are very lucky that your husband is a reader too. Mine thinks that books are best used as coasters for a water glass. Ughhh....


  5. Yay reading!!! My husband is a reluctant reader, but our children grew up gobbling books like me. :)

  6. That's something to celebrate for sure! I'm so happy that my youngest is becoming a reader... my husband and two older kids are all reluctant readers... I keep hoping that one day everyone in my family will love to read!

  7. I only share my love of reading with my daughter, but it is wonderful! Celebrating books and reading is always fun!

  8. Love your celebration!!! I married a reader too! We've always enjoyed visiting bookstores on dates. Did you know that Rump is in the Middle Grade Finals Championship for March Book Madness? It's Rump (Fantasy) up against Out of My Mind (Realistic). Your son can vote in the finals if you go to March Book Madness.