Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Visit Jen at Teach MentorTexts and Kellee and Ricki at UnleashingReaders to see what they've been reading, along with everyone else who link up.

But first, a puppy picture:

Thanks.  :)

Now, the books:

In my class we are still reading:

The kids are loving it.  Second grade invited us to a birthday party to celebrate Beverly Clearly on Friday.  We listened to book talks, we ate cupcakes, we made bookmarks.  A perfect way to spend some time celebrating!

I love the library next to my school.  It has just about everything.  I always look at their new display, and they always have great reads featured.  I picked up some picture books to read this week for my class:



Some Old Favorites:





For Me:

I know I'm behind friends.  Let us not forget the studying and degree work that went on last year.  (Or Let's forget and read!)


My 11 year old grabbed this book from his teacher so I could read it.  My heart grew about 3 sizes when he did that.  Man, I love that kid.  


I tried a couple times last year to read this book, and just ran out of time.  Watch out this weekend!  Here I come! 



  1. Happy reading to you! I know you'll fly through Fish in a Tree!
    Thanks for including the story how you got The Honest Truth, so sweet!

  2. How funny that I just got The Honest Truth from the library, too, so I could catch up with Gemeinhart's books. Enjoy your reading this week. Hope that cute puppy's doing well!

  3. You will love Fish in a Tree! The Honest Truth is on my summer list.

  4. Enjoy your reading and don't feel a bit guilty! I still want to read Fish in a Tree. It sounds so good.

  5. Both of these novels are fabulous reads. I loved to hear about how your kid brought home The Honest Truth for you. I also loved reading about the Beverly Cleary celebration!

  6. So many fun picture books! Muncha Muncha Muncha is particularly fun. :)

  7. I hope I can get to Fish in a Tree soon. :)

  8. Totally off-topic, but wanted to post while I'm thinking of it. I can't remember if you ever posted about your decision to change jobs. Would you post that link or be interested in sharing some guiding questions or thoughts that helped you make that decision? I'm thinking about making a change this spring, but it's hard to process that decision since most of my good teaching friends are at my current school. Any wisdom or things that helped you along? Thank you!!

  9. Yay for great libraries. And for Beverly Cleary. I remember when I read Ramona to my son in KG, and he went to school and saw he had a substitute so he hid in the playground like Ramona. I got a bit nervous when the school called to report him absent, but it was really a sign of his commitment to literature.