Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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One of the things I have carved out time for this year, is story time in addition to a Read Aloud time that focuses on a mentor text for teaching.  Each day, we take time to just read and enjoy text.  Here's what we have checked out this week:

Front Cover

Friends, Max the Brave was perfect for April Fools' Day.  

Max is a brave, fearless Mouse catcher.  

He just needs to know what a mouse is.  

So he goes off to find out.  

My Kids Loved this book.  As we work to develop our mindsets and flexibility, it has just the right amount of trickster in the story.  Especially for a class that has nearly mastered empathy and flexibility.  

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The Hug Machine has a hug for anyone!  Spiky or soft.  
After story time this week, everyone wanted to be a Hug Machine.  

Other Read Alouds we'll be enjoying during story time:

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Get to Know Your Neighbors.  :)

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Story time is where we have learned about being friends and showing empathy to all.

Other stories for the week:

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One of the favorite things about the library I'm using, is that it is a hub of the neighborhood.  Librarians know their patrons.  It is modern.  It invites children to come in and sit down.  



  1. Those are all fantastic read alouds! And yes, the library is the hub. I wish all school and communities could feel that way!

  2. Will find Diary of A Wombat, how great to have a book about a wombat! I loved Max the Brave, too, silly and fun. The Invisible Boy was so perfectly done. Thanks, Kendra.

  3. Great collection! I really loved Maple and Hug Machine too.

  4. These all look like amazing stories. Here is what I read last week. Happy reading!

  5. I love being able to share stories with kids, especially older kids, who still enjoy and benefit from being read aloud to. Wonderful books. :)

  6. What great read alouds. I really love The Invisible Boy. Hug Machine is one that I have to check out.