Saturday, April 9, 2016

We Celebrate Reading!

Friends, You can celebrate too!  Link up at  I thank Ruth for sharing her space with us. 

So, I woke up this morning just loving the people at my little school.  There is a lot to celebrate there, (and that post is coming...)  but I wanted to share 2 small ways we celebrate reading at our school.

Disclaimer:  I'm new here.  I didn't organize any of these joyful reading experiences.  I just got to participate.  

1.  February Reading Frenzy.

Our 4th grade teacher approached our staff and stated her 5th grade Language arts class wanted to challenge us as staff to see who could read the most minutes in February.  That was it.  No pizza.  No trophies.  No prizes.  Just reading.  Challenge accepted.  Just track your minutes, and we'll see how many we read.  

What I loved about this?  It was child-driven.  There were no bells and whistles.  We just read in February.  A lot.  And it was just assumed you would participate if you were a teacher.  Our teachers read.  

2.  Our Own Li'l Library.  

Now People.  I know it's not The Little Library.  However, a teacher took the time to create and paint and gather for this corner in our hallway.  She was inspired after taking a class based on Donalyn Miller's work.  Kids need book.  Kids take book.  Kids read book.  They can even write a review in the cover and return it if they wish.  

I celebrate the authenticity of reading in our school.   

A few small celebrations on this Saturday.  :)



  1. I LOVE both of these celebrations. The power of students choosing their own path (book challenges and give aways) these projects they will remember forever.

  2. From someone who battles Accelerated Reading, I so much appreciate your authentic reading experiences. This is what kids will remember and this is what gets kids reading for life. Great celebration.

  3. Authentic reading experiences help students to see the value of lifelong reading. Good for you!