Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just Clearing My Brain and a Few Favorites.


Link up at www.twowritingteachers.wordpress.com.  We are so grateful for this community. 

It's early.  One eye opened informed me that 4:42 was too late to go back to sleep.  (But a wee to early for me.  30 more minutes please...)  This is resulting in a lot of different ideas to share, none of which are really connected.  

A Favorite Recipe.  

We are just trying to clean up dinner a bit in our house.  More veggies, less packaging.  It's a process people.  Last week, we ate this.  Now, Mr. and I loved it.  The Little guy?  Well...it's a process.  

The Car Playlist.

Man, I am spending a lot of time in the car with My People.  My 11 year old in all his swagger has started to make requests about the playlist in the car.  He suggested this one a few weeks ago.  We can't stop listening to it:

My New Read:


I've abandoned a couple of reads that I've started since spring break.  This one I'll see through to the end.  

A Few Other Thoughts:

  • There is a lot going on at school right now.  I need it to be about 8 days from now.  :)
  • Oh running, where art thou?  I've been writing and reading in the morning, but the night time exercise routine isn't working well.  
  • I'm impatiently waiting for this book to arrive:

Anyone else want to read it with me?

  • My family has some big news to share.  :)  I'm waiting for my Celebrate! post on Saturday to let the puppy out of the bag so to speak; to ensure all is finalized properly.  
What are you thinking about today?



  1. I'm interested in Purposeful Play. Is that geared for younger grades? I teach 4th and 5th and am wondering about play in the older grades.

  2. You've written so many things to respond to, great slice, Kendra. My own kids hated casserole mixtures, so my husband & I started back to them when the kids left for college! I'll note the book-thanks! And, best wishes for your running, also can't wait for your big news! Have a good rest of the week!

  3. I enjoyed your "newsletter" slice! I'm definitely going to look at the book, may add it to our professional section in the library! Thanks also for the musical interlude; got me going this morning.