Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celebrate in November!

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There is extra time to celebrate!  And here's why:

These lines are a screen shot from one of the online classes I was taking.  I'm done.  So much to say, but it doesn't seem celebratory, so we will just celebrate the fact that I'm done!  
I was able to submit everything on Wednesday and enjoy the Thanksgiving celebrations!  

We have our first lost tooth with our youngest!  He was so funny when he realized he had wiggly teeth.  He told everyone in the dentist's office, when I was trapped in the chair getting my teeth clean.  It came out at bedtime on Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Tooth Fairy may or may not have taken a dollar from his piggy bank to give him for his lost tooth.  (We sneaked another one back in there!)
Also, someday when he loses another one, I'll capture his voice and upload it so you can hear how he tells the story.  It's hilarious.

This race takes place at an outdoor museum in Iowa.  It clearly is off-road and 7 miles of joy!  Costumes are encouraged.  Prepare to get muddy, wet and laugh a lot.  On the left--see all the people behind us--we are waiting to cross a creek.  (Or we've just gotten out and we are waiting to climb a hill).  On the right, my darling husband.  This is how we celebrate our running every year, by running this race together.  You can run it for speed if you want to, but clearly we did not this year.  Here's the link to the race if you are interested.  And yes, the beef stew tasted delicious after we finished.  For 6 years I've avoided it, but gobbled it up and would have eaten yours too.  Who knew?  All local, all fun!

I hope you are celebrating too.  



  1. Kendra, There's so much to celebrate here...congratulations on finishing your class and finishing that race!! Woo Hoo!!!! So much joy here!! :)

  2. Kendra,
    Congrats on finishing your race! It looks like a blast. Also, glad your class is finished-I know I would be. Also, loved reading about the lost tooth-there's a new book out about the Tooth Fairy, The Tooth Fairy Wars-

  3. Such a cute photo of a lost tooth! That race looks fun - most races don't look very fun, so they don't tempt me. Ha. It's especially fun that you got to run it with your husband. :-)

  4. Love the toothless wonder! Congratulations on all of the finishing - races, courses, etc. Great photos!

  5. What a fun week - so much to celebrate!

  6. Finishing a course and finishing a race mixed with one important loss of the first tooth - mileposts to remember. The toothless smile is super cute.

  7. A good week to celebrate, indeed! Love the running pics, Kendra. So nice to have that tradition!