Saturday, November 8, 2014

Celebrate! November 8.

Discover. Play. Build.

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A quick Celebration!  Then I'm digging in for the home stretch of a graduate class that has nearly taken me out!  (Let's add that to the celebration...I'm almost done!)

1.  I'm celebrating Baseball Bat moments in my spiritual life.  They really are the best.  I wrote about that here.  

2.  Encouragement that comes at just the right time.  Mine came on Thursday evening.  I hope to give some to someone today or tomorrow.

3.  Winter running schedules.  A technical fleece hoodie showed up at my house this week to remind me it's time for slow, steady running.  (Which could be another blog post about winter in and of itself...slow and steady.)

4.  The Chicken Dance on skates.  Interpretation by Kindergarten Buddies.  Be Still my Heart.  It was one of the cutest things I've seen all week.  

5.  The concept of being Endlessly Patient.  I really could have a regular Spiritual posting on these baseball bat moments.  For now, I'll say, I've been blessed with family that is Endlessly Patient with me as I study All.The.Hours.  

Happy Celebrating!  Joy!


  1. Best wishes on finishing that class, Kendra! Adding more to one's life is not always easy! I wonder if you will regularly write a 'baseball bat moment'. Would be nice for you, and for us who read your posts. Hope you'll have a good few runs this weekend!

  2. Loved your baseball bat post! Showing grace is hard, but I agree, it's necessary! You should stop by Holly Mueller's blog ( on Thursdays for Spiritual Journey link up.Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hadn't known what the chicken dance was until I went to school in the Philippines. I didn't realize it was an actual thing people did.

  4. Chicken dance is a favorite of my third graders. I should tell them that some dance it on skates. The right time encouragement, even a tiny one, can give a lot of strength to keep going.