Saturday, November 15, 2014


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It was so fun to pause for a moment and read your celebrations before I wrote my own.  :)  Thanks for continuing to share in this community!

1.  I'm celebrating Book Fair Season!  Thursday, after a long day of conferences, I was able to bring home a book my oldest had wanted.  He had just gotten into bed when I arrived home.  When I handed him the book, he shimmied with delight, turned on his flashlight, and began reading.  The youngest has had his nose in his, trying to "read it" since Friday morning.  :)  

2.  This book:

Even in all the hub-bub that is November, I read this book in two sittings.  It is so powerful.  It also provided some inspiration for writing!  Read this book.  (Buy it from a local book store!)

3.  Date night.  *A Mushy Moment Coming.*  I just marvel at how much my Mr. has done this fall.  I know it's okay, I'm studying and pursuing a Master's degree.  We knew this would happen.  I've expected stress and tension, there's been none.  He's just awesome.  And there's a date night coming, where we get to eat dinner like grown ups.  I might even wash and curl my hair!  :)

4.  Running.  This week I've run at night in the snow, and today I enjoyed a long run before our first "real snow" lands.  I have been collecting winter running gear, so I can head out even when it's less than ideal.  I also have developed a realistic plan that involves minutes, not miles.  That has helped this running teacher.

5.  Wiggly Teeth.  We took our family trip to the dentist yesterday.  My 6 year old was elated to find out he has not one, but two wiggly teeth.  While I was having my teeth cleaned, he manged to share that news with everyone in the office.  (Sorry if you were hoping for a peaceful cleaning.  The ladies kept telling me he was fine, and I was trapped in The Chair.)  Seeing his excitement reminds me of how fun it is to be 6.  :)

6.  Slow Saturdays.  Once again, there was sleeping past 7, a run, time to write, a trip to the library later.  We do this on purpose.  I love it.

7.  Dinner with friends.  Again, "Framily" is the best.  We don't have biological family super close by, so I'm thankful for Sunday Dinners with friends who are the next best thing.



  1. Two wiggly teeth is big news. I like that you included the 'mushy moment' - I hope your hubby read it too. All your celebrations have warmth in them.

  2. We've been trying out the Slow Saturdays too. I always feel like we should DO something on Saturday, but I've come to realize that my son does stuff all week and wants more than anything to spend the day at home relaxing and recharging. Loved reading about the wiggly teeth! I am in the middle of Brown Girl Dreaming and loving it--and excited about seeing Jacqueline Woodson next week at NCTE!

  3. I LOVED Brown Girl Dreaming - my 12 year old has made off with it and is engrossed now too. Enjoy that date night!

  4. So good to hear all your 'nice' things, Kendra. Loose teeth, loving husbands, and framilies are very good to have!

  5. I'm glad more people will be discovering Brown Girl Dreaming now! It is truly moving and the words are just very powerful.