Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#sol14 A Baseball Bat and Grace.

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Last night was a night of tossing and turning.  I was going to skip running and blogging today after such restless sleep.  Things to stew about, worry about, lose sleep over.  

As I settled in to read a bit of a devotional I was still feeling stewish and worrisome.  

The story focus of the devotional was on Joseph.  And the forgiveness that he showed his brothers after they considered killing him, but instead just sold him into slavery.  

When his brothers returned to ask for forgiveness, Joseph responds, (in Kendra's words, maybe not the Bible's)  "Isn't God awesome?  I'll take care of you and your children  Don't worry."  


I'll say that again.  Whoa.  

Now, it's not my intention to give a synthesis or a sermon of this story today, so I'll move on...

I feel like that story was used like a baseball bat might be to get my attention. (Sometimes my spiritual life is like that.)  And it lead me to these thoughts:  (Which lead me to talking to myself...just imagine that for a moment!)

A message to Myself:  (And you too if you need it!)

Forgiveness and Grace:  Show some to the people.  ALL the people.  Even the ones who don't deserve it.  
Even the ones you want to yell at.  The one who found your weaknesses and exposed them to you?  Yep.  That one.  The one who you hardly know?  That one too.  Long time offenses?  Absolutely.  Family too?  Yup.   

Offer Grace and Forgiveness to yourself, even if you don't reconcile.  It will lift the weight from you.  

Then dance it out.  Take care of the people, and the children too.  



  1. Well said...but sometimes so hard to follow though with! I like this word: stewish...feeling some of that, too.

    1. I hope the stewish goes away soon for you. So hard to follow through. I keep trying!

  2. love that you said, "dance it all out"...we do need to forgive...thanks for the reminder xo nanc

    1. Thanks for reading! :) (As she dances across the room...)

  3. You may not have wanted to give a sermon, but you did share a good piece of advice. Glad to hear those wise words.