Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrate! (In Pictures!)

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A Celebration in Photos!  

If you look at the hat and picture below, you can see my family had some excitement around the World Series.  While it was a bummer for us, I loved watching the boys bond, and they said a ton of funny things.  This was snapped right after Perez got hit with a pitch.  Li'l T announced he should have gotten a free home run out of that deal.  :)

A tradition of trick or treating and Halloween fun that has carried on for nearly 13 years now.  (Yes, before kids.)  I celebrate friendships that endure, and all the changes we've seen together.  

After tricks or treats.  Friends or family?  Who can tell???  I love that.  

Siblings?  Friends?  When you are playing Cars Trouble, it doesn't matter.  And in the spirit of Hospitality, please notice I didn't clean up for you.  Because I love you too much to stress myself out like that.  :)  

It's tiny, but it's a fun response to me putting myself out there with a new friend, who seems to like to create things too.  I was so nervous to suggest a writing group.  I'm trying to put that out there a little bit more, to get offline and connect with more people in my area who enjoy writing.  (That's a little terrifying for me.)  If you can't read it, it was confirming and funny.  :)

What are you celebrating this week?  Joy!



  1. Way to go connecting with other writers!

  2. Wonderful all the way through, Kendra. I used to live in KC, so also was sad about the Royals, but what terrific games! Love your Halloween tradition with family AND friends-history rocks! And good for you for starting the writing group. It's been quite a journey, but a few of us are clinging to it-going on 3 years now. Have a great weekend!

  3. I appreciate picture stories. It has been fun watching the different halloween costumes people share online.

  4. Congrats on putting yourself out there to write and sorry about the Royals. There is always next year and the bonds created over baseball are enduring. Love the Halloween costumes. Ninja turtles are always welcome.

  5. Great pics! Sorry about that Series… and how do you find time to balance kids, writing, blogging, meeting with writers… ?

  6. I hope to do a couple of picture stories this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The glimpses into your life are precious - all. Even when our team loses at the finish line, the possibility of winning the World Series is/was a big deal. The look on that diminutive Royal Fan is priceless!