Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On A Quest for More Juju-SOL Day 1


Thank you for inspiration Two Writing Teachers!  

Two Writing Teachers are hosting the 9th Annual Slice of Life Challenge.  Join us!

A quick blog post to reflect on Juju.  You know, my magic.  We all have it.  That groove we have to get things done.   I thought mine had gone away permanently.  It's slowly returning.  After a pretty major job change, a completion of a Master's degree, and a few other things, I've been working on getting back into my groove.

Teaching Juju?  Check.  (A vision for a new classroom, a flow for the day, reflections on teaching beliefs...)

Family Juju?  Check.  Check.  (Dinner time, Talk time, Peaceful home...)

Writing Juju?  Running Juju?  (Insert sound of chirping crickets here...Anyone?  Has anyone seen the juju?)

A time change in job requirements has thrown these two activities for a loop.  I write about this because here are two activities that ground me.  Recharge me.  Allow for that time to reflect, play with ideas, and ask questions.  

I know I'm in a season of growth and change.  It's been one of the best things for our family.  
As part of this growth, I'm back to this question, "How do you get it all in?"  

I know it's not impossible.  I know it can be done.  

Some daily writing?  Thanks Slice of Life.  This challenge should blow off the dust and get me writing again!

Some daily running?  Stay tuned.  (Reward offered if you find my missing Running Juju...)  

How is your Juju?  What are you working on?  




  1. Well you certainly have Juju on your side, new challenges and a positive, can do attitude.

  2. Well you certainly have Juju on your side, new challenges and a positive, can do attitude.

    1. Thank you! I spent most of the fall getting that positive can do attitude back. But I'm glad it's finally here!

  3. Great to see that this challenge will help get that writing juju back, Kendra, and great to see you here! As for the physical, can you pretend you're back in your master's program, squeezing in a "class" in running? Let us all know and we'll send grades! Ha! Anyway, best wishes in that challenge too.

    1. Ha! Yes, I just need a Master's program in running! I should have the time, it will sort itself out. It always does. I just need to keep trying different things! Thanks.

  4. So glad you have blown the dust off. Sometimes we just need to let the dust collect, but I am glad you are back! And I cannot help you with the running Juju!

    1. My running juju is out there somewhere! If I can find my writing juju, my running magic can't be too far behind! Thanks!