Thursday, March 10, 2016

SOL 10: A Year Ago Today.

This post is part of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for their hospitality and support!  Join Us!

9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge Invite

The link above is to my slice from one year ago today.  I find this to be hilarious, because not.a.thing has changed about where I read and write.  I'm sitting in the exact same spot at the dining room table as I type this slice.

Nests of books and notebooks and ideas are still everywhere in this house.

On my little black table next to the couch there are two cookbooks from the library and a book my mom recommended to me.

This completely embodies what we want for our home.  Steady, constant, predictable. The rest of life?  Bring it on.  But home is unchanging.

We still need new carpet and new paint.  I need to update photographs.  Our entertainment center is probably outdated.  But those are just details.

The parts I love the best have stayed the same.  It's just the way I want it.



  1. Sounds just right to me, Kendra. I like the steadiness of the "same" good things, too.

  2. I've enjoyed reviewing my Slices from the past three years. Apparently, I'm more of a creature of habit than I even knew...

  3. When you have just right, you know it. Sweet slice!

  4. When you have just right, you know it. Sweet slice!

  5. "The parts I love have stayed the same." That is what is important! We need a new couch, curtains, paint... but the parts I love like the fireplace, the openness of our living areas have stayed the same. Love this post.