Wednesday, March 30, 2016

sol 30 (ish): 30 Things.

This post is part of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for their hospitality and support!  Join Us!
9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge Invite

30 Things I Might Be Thinking About Before School Today:

1.  Music teachers don't get paid enough.  (I know...true for all teachers.  But music
2.  My throat is sore this morning.
3.  I've abandoned two books this week.  That is rare for me.
4.  Why does playing piano for chapel still make me nervous?
5.  A thin bagel for breakfast?  Cereal?  Burrito?
6.  Sriracha is spicy.  But I like it.
7.  I still love this writing challenge.
8.  Our kitchen is a crazy mess this morning.
9.  My feet hurt this morning too.
10.  I need new running shoes.
11. I love this new job.
12.  But I wish I didn't have to get up so early.
13.  Will I ever get good at mornings?
14.  What are you dreaming about today?
15.  I wonder if we were approved for a puppy.
16.  Are we ready to get another puppy?
17.  Am I ever going to write a book?  Maybe.
18.  I went with the bagel for breakfast.  And an orange.
19.  How can we really maximize choice and play in the classroom?
20.  I still dream about serving food.
21.  What would my food truck be called?  I could drive it in the summer...
22.  How are we taking care of teachers these days?
23.  My oldest is growing up way to fast.
24.  So is my youngest.
25.  Oh my!  It is spring picture day today.
26.  What new content can I share in a blogging format?
27.  I love the idea of "ish."
28.  I can't forget the picture books today.
29.  I wonder what my summer project will be.
30.  I still adore this Slicing community.

What's on your mind today?


  1. Lots of things, like you, run through my mind in the morning, getting ready for a day full of good things I hope. I hear your thinking, and want to know more about that food truck. Wouldn't that be a new way to live! Here's to a wonderful-ish day, Kendra!

  2. What a cool idea for a post! LOVE this!!! I am thinking about how tired I am right now.