Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SOL 15: The Many Adventures of Willie.

This post is part of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for their hospitality and support!  Join Us!

9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge Invite

Yesterday, I ran across this post written by Lee Ann Spillane.

Willie saw this post and wondered why he wasn't invited to do some writing...without further delay, Willie shares his adventures...

When these humans pick me up to stay with them, I always get excited.  This time it is Operation Make Friends with the "Big Kid."  I think it is working.  He seems happy to see me.  He makes sure I get enough exercise.  

This Little Kid is always by my side.  His Mom and Dad have to remind him not to say my name 85,000 times a day.  But I kind of like it.  

These people have great places for sleeping.  They always seem willing to snuggle up in a blanket with me.  The Old Lady keeps snapping pictures of me.  I know I'm handsome, but enough is enough...

Veggies?  Seriously?  When I was offered a treat, I thought I'd be getting some of that chicken up there.  Come on Humans!  Dogs don't want peas, they want chicken!  

The Little One and I have a bond.  See?  He knows I can check out what is left over from lunch.  No chicken here either.  

Old Lady!  Did you say, "Run?"  I like to run.  Take me with you.  

While I love these people, I miss my Owner terribly.  Sometimes, I have to lay down I'm so sad.  I hope I get to go home soon...

Kendra (And Willie).  


  1. This was a pure fun post to start my morning, Kendra. Happy travels with Willie.

  2. Thank you for the smile today, Willie! I appreciate your willingness to share with us! :)

  3. I love Willie!!! Bella doesn't like getting her picture taken either. She always looks away. It's an art. Wishing you lots of chicken treats today, Willie!

  4. Willie looks adorable...even though he's a bit sad.

  5. Willie looks adorable...even though he's a bit sad.

  6. I have a "guest" dog right now too, Kendra. What fun to have one, makes me miss my own of long ago. Your son looks as happy as Willie.

  7. This is a super great idea! I think this would be fun to do in the classroom as well!

  8. Willie is quite cute. Love the idea of writing from his perspective. (Have you read Deb Day's Coffee with Chloe blog? Chloe, her dog, often does the blogging.)