Sunday, March 6, 2016

SOL 6: Big Fat Scary Running Goals

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Last night, I was soaking in all the basketball.  (Panthers, Tar Heels, Jayhawks, Hawkeyes...all the teams...) As I was scrolling through Twitter, I ran across this post from Nancy Barlow, @TheTeacherGeek.

Now, I'm thinking about my Running Juju.  (See Day 1's post...)

So without further delay, here are my Big Fat Scary Running Goals for the rest of the year.

1.  Start Running.  Move Everyday.  Come back from the time off.

2.  Because I'm reliant on muscle memory, I'm toying with the idea of running Dam to Dam, a local race in June.  We'll be out of school, and I would have time to finish training and taper without also managing the end of a school year.  It has hills, and I cried the first time I ran it.  I'm tossing around if I even run this half for time, or if I just run it to finish it and get back in the saddle again.  (I sang that as I typed it.)

3.  Last year my son encouraged us all to organize a 5K through our church called the Sock Scamper.  We collected socks and donated them a homeless shelter in town that reserves part of its space for homeless veterans, something my now 11 year old is passionate about advocating for.  We are on pace to having this again this year.

4.  Run in the summer.  Cross train too.  Get stronger.  Don't get tired.  Get tired.  Keep going.

5.  Our great city of Des Moines runs (pun intended) an awesome half and full marathon in the fall.  Run this.  Run this for time?  One step further:  Could I get strong enough this summer to run this in under 2:00?

6.  In the fall, this is a must to celebrate all the running!  Off roading?  Yes please.  Homemade beef stew at the end?  Of course.  Frolicking and shenanigans?  Indeed.   Sometimes it is a beautiful fall morning, this past year there was 8 inches of snow.  (We didn't make this past year.  11 year old making a traveling basketball debut.  I would have ran in the 8 inches of snow.)

Okay @TheTeacherGeek, you inspired me to put those goals out there.
(Frantically puts on shoes and runs away from computer...)

What do you think friends?  Maybe it's not running, but is there anything you are mapping out right now as goals?



  1. I keep thinking I'm going to start running again. I have run a couple times the last few weeks. I need to do it regularly but I can't seem to get myself out there every day - YET. I'm keeping yet as my key word. Maybe this week will be the real beginning. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I always find that having a race scheduled keeps me running. After all, I have to follow a training plan if I want to be successful during my race. Sometimes, it's a balancing act but in the end it's worth it. I'll cheer you on from our blogosphere so put those running shoes on, tie those laces and go get them!

  3. I can no longer run due to bad knees, and my walking has been limited because of plantar fasciitis. Ok, maybe I need to just quite making excuses and make some goals... You got me thinking. By the way, I am so glad you are back to blogging. I enjoy reading your slices.

  4. My goal is to get to Curves, and on other days, I walk for a half hour. The Curves works me all over, the walk is a good time exercise, but I love being outside, no matter the weather. I've kept going for a while, and admire that you've started the goals, and love "(Frantically puts on shoes and runs away from computer...)" Go, Kendra, go!

  5. Setting goals is so important and I loved reading about your goals here. I need to do some of this goal setting myself. You have inspired me. Thank yoU!!!!!

  6. Good luck Kendra - you sound determined!

  7. Good luck Kendra - you sound determined!