Friday, March 10, 2017

SOL Challenge Day 10: Fish Fries

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You guys.  I made it to spring break!  It's here!  It's here!  I face planted last night.  I'm not sure I could have blogged if I wanted to.  But let's get down to business here...

Excuse me Catholic Friends, while I gush over your best kept secret:  Lenten Fish Fries.  

Where I live, there is a club that scouts out the best ones to go to.  
My Urban People are awesome.  We looked at that and said, "We'll do what we want.  Thank you very much."  (It's the Lutheran in us...we can't help it...)

So last week I had fish tacos and a Bud Light in the gym of a school in an older part of town.  Yes.Please.

Tonight we were in the 'burbs.  Fried Cod and Shrimp, with potatoes, cole slaw, and pickles with garlic.  :)

My favorite part?  The community.  These tables fill up with families and friends.  

We fill up a table, or two if the kids are with us.  

I think what I love about it is not only the food, but watching people stop for a moment and enjoy community together, over one of my favorites.  Food.  

Tonight I'm smitten with Fish Fries. 
Have you been?  



  1. I am smitten with community meals. Our communities need more of those.

  2. I am Catholic (but not a good one!) But I do love me a good fish fry!

  3. This made me laugh - the obvious joy that you were feeling - fish fries, spring break, friends...enjoy!

  4. Happiest of spring break and being lazy at least once in a while, Kendra, and celebrating the fish fries and your friends.

  5. You're welcome says the Catholic. hahahahaha I LOVE a good fish fry too! There is something about that fish or the blessing that you said above. Community coming together to worship the best thing.... time with each other. He sits beside us and is right there in these times. I need to get to a fish fry! :)

  6. How fun!
    And you are so right about the joys in "watching people stop for a moment and enjoy community together"!