Monday, March 13, 2017

SOL Challenge Day 13: Our Wonder Fair.

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So last week, before Spring Break, we celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week.  There were many learning experiences to be had, a lot of community building, and a lot of fun celebrating what we get to do everyday!  

One of the things I learned last year, was a project during this week would be perfect for the classroom.  Because you are in and out all week long.  Nothing really goes according to a traditional schedule.  It's quickly becoming one of my favorite weeks of the year!  

We've been studying nonfiction as readers and writers.  It seemed perfect that we would do some research and share that with our community at the end of the week.

So we got busy:

We used a graphic organizer to record what we would be studying (student choice), what we already knew, and what we were learning.  Each student worked to learn 3 facts they would want to share.  Only 3, because I really wanted them to internalize what they were learning, so they could share it with peers.   

We used Wonderopolis, Book Flix, and Pebble Go to learn some facts.  We also used books from the classroom library.   (Also, it was pajama day when we were researching!  We should always research in our PJs!)

Then it was time to share!  We wrote books and made posters.  After the staff was invited, we waited.  Then our Mighty Mustangs from Preschool to 4th grade came!  We had a great authentic audience to share our facts with.  We shared where our resources came from, and we answered questions from our peers.  

It was a great way to close our study of nonfiction and connect with our school community.  

A wish?  More technology, so students could have this as an option to share their learning.  Taking the Amplification to a new level.  :)

But it was a great day of sharing our learning.  



  1. I agree that researching in PJs should happen more often. I ma glad that the process and presentations were success.

  2. Research in PJs? Sign me up! I'd agree, more tech, in whatever form is a great way to get that voice out there for more students (and teacher and parents and grandparents....) to read and talk about. I love that our 8th graders are able to blog (even if they fight me tooth and nail!).

    Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  3. Yes!!! Researching in jammies would be fantastic! We are knee deep in our research projects too! I can't wait to share! :) Congrats on a wonderful learning experience!