Monday, March 6, 2017

SOL Challenge Day 6: A link about Kitchens and such...

Two Writing Teachers are hosting Slice of Life.  Join us!

It's been a day.  

I've helped first graders roller skate.  

I've played the piano at the spring concert.  

I'm finally getting home after watching a basketball game for 2nd Graders too?!?!?

A link to the past.  Someone had asked me about my love for my kitchen.  This slice from 3 years ago explains it best.

It still rings true.  It's our hub.  It's where the best laughs and some of the most tears happen.  We hug, sing, eat, cook here.



  1. When you say you helped first graders roller skate AND you've played the piano day, I give you the "it's been a day" award. I'm hoping you are relaxing in your kitchen right now.

  2. I truly expected to come here and see a dancing post! Ha!

  3. Well... I read all the way through and that was some fantastic perspective. I was thinking about updating.... now I may rethink it. Thanks, girl!


  4. Rollerskating! Piano playing! Basketball! Kitchen love! It's been a great day!

    Enjoyed your kitchen love post!
    It's given me an idea too!