Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SOL Challenge Day 7: Sleep and an Idea.

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It's true.
I'm limping to spring break.  
If I could tip over now, I would.
So many things I want to write about.  Truly sharing slices at this point, because really any further reflection?  Not happening...

Yet, here I am!

So...last night I slept 5 hours.
First 3.
Then a break from sleeping for 2.
Then I slept 2 more hours.

But when I was taking a break from my sleeping in the middle of the night, I had this idea.
Tell me what you think.
Next year, as a part of my Writer's Workshop, I want to incorporate storytelling and maybe puppetry.
Maybe they have time to play and explore their stories, and then time to write them down as well.

I've thought about trying to let it ebb and flow.  When kids need to play, they could.  When they are ready to write, they can.

It might coincide with our writing curriculum.
It might be a separate part of our writing time.

Why?  Because I've seen kids at play.  And when I remind them of that story to tell from their play, they write furiously.

Well...what do you think?

Pray for a full nights' sleep.  That is necessary...

Joy!  (And Sleep!)


  1. I have to laugh, not at your idea, but because of your lack of sleep. I, too, experienced a fitful night last night because I was thinking of ideas!! I love the idea of puppetry incorporated into Writer's Workshop!!

  2. Waking up in the middle of the night with an idea takes me back to teaching, Kendra. It sounds like a wonderful idea. I wonder if you could motivate too with an audience component. For instance, if they write stories and create puppets for it, for whom will they show it? I do hope you get some sleep!

  3. Sounds like a brilliant plan!