Saturday, January 13, 2018

Celebrate Link Up: An idea of a Bigger Table.

DRAFT -- Steph unequivocally unkind

Okay, so it's been 24 hours since the sh1thole remark.  I just can't even stay quiet anymore.  And I'm probably going to wind and turn a lot in this piece.  And here's why:

John 1:46- Can anything Good come out of Nazareth?  
Spoiler:  That's where Jesus was from.  Nazareth was small, there was A Lot of political unrest in the area when Jesus was young.  

This verse just sits on my heart when I think about the potential of people and how beautiful they are.  The end.  

But there is more:

Before this remark, I had neighbors on my heart.  Specifically women.  But after yesterday's remark, the idea of all people are swirling in my heart really.  

It started with a chance meeting at a restaurant with another lady from church.  (Okay!  It was a pub!  I like a good Cider!  So did Martin Luther! )  We greeted each other and began to ask each other about this new place that we were in.  

Then we mentioned another place we wanted to try, but hadn't been to yet.  It has gloriously long tables that look kind of like this:

Wooden Table by bpcomp

Then we went about our night.  But as I was sitting among our friends, I couldn't help but wonder:
We should all be connecting in this moment.  We should have chairs pulled up around the table and we should be getting to know each other. 

I bothered her in church that Sunday.  I told her we needed to get women together that don't know each other, so we can start forming friendships and offering support at the community level.  

So, now I'm dreaming and celebrating my gloriously long table that doesn't really exist yet.  I'm celebrating the women and neighbors who don't feel like they are being seen or being heard.  

I know lots of leaders talk about getting people around tables so their voices can be heard. This isn't a new idea by any means.   I guess I'm dreaming more of connecting so our communities can be impacted.  At the grassroots level.  

I'm not sure how that goes.  You bring a friend and I'll bring a friend?  We just meet for lunch and go from there?  I have no idea.  But I know I have to try.  Even if it reaches one woman, one neighbor  with friendship and support if they need it, then we've accomplished a goal.  

Will it work?  I have no idea. 
But I have to try.  
Let's Celebrate Humans and Possibility.  



  1. A bigger table must certainly lead to a bigger heart!

  2. There are community tables here in several places and it is fun to sit at one and meet new people. I have never talked politics with anyone there, however, but I enjoy the experience. You might like a lovely old book I've used with my students by Byrd Baylor, if you don't already know it: The Table Where Rich People Sit: Thanks, Kendra, it's been another horrendous week!

  3. A bigger table and more connections sound like a good step. This has definitely been quite a week.

  4. What you are doing is so loving!