Sunday, January 28, 2018

Celebrate: The Wonderful Among the Weary

Make no Mistake. 
Parenting is not for the weak. 
This week it has left us feeling weary, off-kilter, wondering about our every move, lonely, and a little angry.  

I think that is what true love does to you.  It brings out the wonderful and the weary.  

I was watching him on Saturday and thinking about what I love about him:

He Loves Animals.  Every fact, their well-being, how to care for them, all of it.  We are blessed to be in a town where there is a zoo, so he can observe and ask more questions.  

A new giraffe barn.  Yes, we go to the zoo in the winter.  

He Loves The Game.  
In this season, he wants to watch it, analyze it, play it, keep up with bigger people in his life.  We are so thankful for dedicated coaches.  

Dedicated coach.  I could hear coach asking him questions and just spending time with him.  

He's funny.  Take the pop cans out?  Okay.  No trips needed.  And I'll smile underneath all that.  

He gives the best snuggles.   To humans too.  

So.  I'm celebrating the wonderful among the weary today.  

If you ask me how I'm doing, you may get that as a response.  Don't be alarmed.  

"Wonderful among the weary."



  1. Yes, there are the ups and downs, I remember, and now watch my own children with their children and see it, too. Hugs to you and your sweet boy, Kendra!

  2. Such a great saying that captures so much, just as you did in your post. Wonderful among the weary.

  3. Staying positive is the key, Kendra. You seem to do so. Being a mom is about being wonder-filled.