Thursday, January 4, 2018

When the Second Day Back is a Wee Harder...

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Okay, let's be honest.  We all know as educators that the second day together after an extended break is a wee harder. 

So with our two hour delay here, my kids came in a little restless.  Before we entered our circle, we had some bumps in the road.  Rude words.  Not Listening.  Shouting. 


So I know.  We circle up.  We review the expectations.  We discuss. 

But.  Then I prayed for us. 
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Well.  Not quite like that (but I am an awkward "Out loud prayer"), but we talked about how these moments didn't have to define our day.  An opportunity to use our resilience. 

I prayed for open minds.  For focus.  For a patient teacher.  :) 

And you know.  It worked.  We moved on.  We had a beautiful morning of discussing a classic while working on story maps and then coming up with ideas for our own stories after reading our mentor author. 

I'm newer to an environment where I can share my faith with my students.  I often feel like I'm stumbling over it. 

But I do love these moments where Lord Baby Jesus steps in and shows me that it doesn't have to be perfect. 

On to Friday. 


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