Monday, January 1, 2018

One Word 2018: Abide.

The past few years have revealed these words to me:


Phew!  All that work has made me look around and say what is next? 

It's time to Abide.  (The sassy girl in me wants to write here about how I'm 40 now, and need a year to rest.  ;)  But I won't.) 

Abide:  To continue without fading or getting lost. 

It's time to look at what is really important after these years of reflection. 

Am I upholding what is important to me?  Am I upholding what I've been called to do?

In the past few years, as I look over these words, I've held to family, neighbors, health, goals, faith. 

It's time to stay and abide with my family, my neighbors, my health, my goals, my faith.  I can continue on without fading.  

John 15 reminds me that I need to continue doing what God says, which seems like important work these days.  The big one?  Relating to others in love.  

Stay tuned to see where this might take me.   It really might be a call to rest a bit, and reflect on what needs to happen next.  It might be a call to continue with some goals and not fade as I get busy.  

In year five of One Word, I feel like I'm stumbling as I write this.  But let's continue on...



  1. Abide was my OLW for 2015. It was a wonderful journey and I love your picture and definition, to continue without fading!