Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Slice of Life: Writing like a 9 year old...

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Slicers.  I'm at the table tonight with my 9 year old.  He's been given a writing assignment.  I'm watching him write, and I'm learning he writes like me. 
Talk about it a bit.
Get up and see what the dog is doing.
Change the music.
Talk to the family.
Write a little.

I thought for sure I would write an earth shattering slice while he did his assignment.  But I was stuck.  And as I'm watching him write, I thought, "I need to try this assignment."  It's good for me to put myself in his shoes.  

The directions:  Roll a dice to determine the setting, character, and plot.  Write freely for 15 minutes.  (I'm already wide-eyed because I'm looking at this outline below.  What?!?!?!)

Setting:  A sail boat at noon.
Character:  A talking gorilla
Plot:  Going to a country Western Concert. 

A Midwestern Kerfluffle
In the floods of the summer before I turned 40, I took my sail boat at noon down to the local taco stand to hang out with my friends. 
(Side bar:  my family is with me.  Country Western music is already blaring through my kitchen.  We also have sing alongs when we write.)
As I slid up to the bar, I noted that a Gorilla was behind the bar with a western hat ready to take my order.  
I ordered my spicy shrimp tacos (crispy, not fried) and a beer-because hey, It's 5 O'clock Somewhere.  (Now we're discussing how we can see Jimmy Buffet this summer.)

"Everything to your liking, Miss?"  asked the Gorilla.
"Why, yes, it is!"  I responded, chewing with my mouth slightly too full.
"I happen to have these three tickets to the Jimmy Buffet/Eagles concert.  200 dollars total."  
"Oh My!" I exclaimed.  "I can take my sister and my Auntie with me!"  
"I aim to please," shared the Gorilla.

I scarfed down my tacos and beer and ran to call my sister.  We broke into a refrain of "Margaritaville."  There was peace on earth.  The teacher, and the sister, and the Auntie lived happily ever after, even though the concert wasn't completely Country-Western.  Because hey.  Even though we live in Iowa, we don't always want to do that.  

The End.

What I've learned:  
I need to write with my family more.
We all need to be writing our assignments that we give our students.
(This was a good reminder for me.)
A little creative writing isn't a bad thing.  I hardly ever do it.
(See Exhibit A above for my reasons why.)

Do you write all your assignments?  


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